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Comparison: The Purpose Killer

I'm taking this topic because it is very very common amongst teenagers. One minute you're minding your business and bubbling, the other minute, you're poking your nose in another's business and feeling depressed.
What if I told you that there is no one on earth like you? Do you believe? You might not but believe this, someone else's light does not dim your own. We live in a society where we are quick to judge, quick to condemn, quick to compare, quick quick quick to be envious. Many of us have been victims and then, many of us are the culprits.

Checkout your fingerprints, there is no one in this world who has the same as yours. God is too spontaneous and creative to make two people alike. Therefore, there is no basis or justifiable common ground to compare yourself with another person. Even if you are a twin. Definitely definitely, your talents, gifts, purpose and dreams won't be the same. Reading through my blog, you'd see the whole concept is about PURPOSE. Everything you need to fulfil God's divine purpose on earth has been given to you and we all have unique purposes. So you don't expect God to give you the same giftings. Your height, weight, skin colour, long or short hair, passion, flaws etc all contribute to PURPOSE. Do not compare what you don't need to what someone else has. Trust me, if you needed that person's maths skills, witty brains, sweet voice or artistic hands in your journey through life, God would have given you. He's too faithful to leave you stranded on earth.

Here's what you should do my dear, instead of looking at another person's processed gold, process your own gold. We all have treasures in earthen vessels, it's just that some have worked on theirs and refined theirs so well that they are now shinning. But like I said earlier, someone else's shining does not dim your own. Also, don't try to fit in but stand out in your uniqueness. That is only when purpose can be fulfilled and enjoyed.

God is waiting for you to use what you have to change your world. I am waiting to use what you'll share to the world. You might just have great inventions in you but stop wasting your time looking at what you don't have. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Precious words from our saviour Lord Jesus Christ, found in Matthew chapter 5:16.

Me I am using my writing talent to glorify my Father in heaven. Are you using what He gave you to glorify Him?

Action point: Write out twenty things you like about yourself and Thank God. 


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