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Perfect Imperfections

Walk with me and be thou perfect
Those are the words from Our heavenly father to a man who later became a father of many nations (Abraham). Let me point out that God told him to 'walk with me'..meaning, come and start a journey with me towards perfection. This is deep. Many of us think God is looking for finished products to work with or someone with less flaws but from His words to Abraham, we see that, the road to perfection is walking with Him with our imperfections. We can also infer that Abraham was not a perfect man before he was called by God.

In your journey through life, your skills, ability, communication skills, network will be limited but it shouldn't stop you from walking with God. Even your character, behaviours, attitude and bad habits will scream out loud but, hey, God still wants to walk with you. There's something called 'On the job training'. That is, working at the same time learning how the job is done. Don't let your limitations stop …

Comparison: The Purpose Killer

I'm taking this topic because it is very very common amongst teenagers. One minute you're minding your business and bubbling, the other minute, you're poking your nose in another's business and feeling depressed. What if I told you that there is no one on earth like you? Do you believe? You might not but believe this, someone else's light does not dim your own. We live in a society where we are quick to judge, quick to condemn, quick to compare, quick quick quick to be envious. Many of us have been victims and then, many of us are the culprits.

Checkout your fingerprints, there is no one in this world who has the same as yours. God is too spontaneous and creative to make two people alike. Therefore, there is no basis or justifiable common ground to compare yourself with another person. Even if you are a twin. Definitely definitely, your talents, gifts, purpose and dreams won't be the same. Reading through my blog, you'd see the whole concept is about PURPO…