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The other view of School

Before I start, don't get it twisted, I love education - I really do! I love reading, I love knowing. I use Google and YouTube voraciously.

Learning makes us wiser and smarter. It makes us to know the minds of great men. Education equips me to be in charge of my earnings. But school? School boxes me in, school tries to put me in an unfair competition with my peers. School teaches me the minds of men whose ideas are now getting outdated. School sets an exam to test my memorization skill and not my true ability. School streamlines my creativity. School tries to make me like everyone else. 

Now you may ask, don't you get educated in school? May I define education for you? The term education has been derived from the Latin word 'educere'. The term 'educere' means 'to lead out', 'to draw out' and 'to bring from'; Each and every child has innate powers. The innate powers of the child should be properly cared, given scope to develop. It should be located.

Tell me, how many school students does our school system develop their innate powers or even locate it?
Me, bored during chemistry!

Formal school system does not encourage creativity. If you are gifted to be a doctor, engineer, lawyer etc, if you are so passionate about it, by all means, love school. This article is not for you. I'm talking to those crazy minds -  the creative ones with the artistic abilities, leadership skills, 'weird mindsets'. Those ones that love drawing while a teacher's teaching or looking out the window, daydreaming... Those ones that don't seem to fit in. Those ones who have consistently found it hard to read and pass exams. Those ones termed dull, notorious and NFA's (No Future Ambition). The ones with special abilities whom society has termed disabled because they couldn't measure up to school's standard. You don't get straight A's and B's or even C's. You can't even remember 1/4 of all you've been taught. I'm talking to you, yes, you!! You are not alone, I hate school too! 

Don't get it twisted again, I'm not a frustrated student, neither am I a dropout or a potential dropout (lol). I just don't see how I can apply most of my subjects to real day to day life situations. I question the aim of my lecturers daily; are you teaching me to really know, sir or you're teaching me to pass your exams? The only subjects I enjoyed in high school were economics and maths. Why? Because I could apply economics and basic maths in the market place. 

No child is dull especially when measured with the formal school standard. School mostly does not favor creative minds. Believe me, every child is madly intelligent but not every child is madly intelligent at the same things. School sometimes will shift ones mentality to be in a competition with your mates. 

I want to tell you now that your competition is only you and who you were born to be. God predestined you before you were born but it's up to you to find your spark, embrace your uniqueness and let your light so shine before men! If school has made you seem like a dull person, do not believe that lie. 

"If we judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it'll live its whole life thinking it's foolish" - Albert Einstein.

If you can lean forth to your creator to know why you were created, He'll reveal to you. He is more than delighted to guide you in all your ways because even though you can be extremely rich by anything you study or do, you can only be successful in God's eyes by doing what He destined you to do. 

Allow school prune you, discipline you but do not let it or your grades define you! What God put in you is bigger than any school on earth!

Action point: Memorize Psalm 119:99 - I've even become smarter than my teachers since I've pondered and absorbed Your counsel. (MSG)


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