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Why on Earth Was I Born?

Being a teenager, there are times the reason of your birth crossed your mind. You could not understand the whole purpose of humanity or what role you had to play in it. Neither did you understand why you were not left wherever you were before you came to planet earth.

   God Almighty created earth, then gave man dominion over every thing he made in it. You were born to have dominion. You were born to dominate over resources, circumstances and situations. You also have a specific purpose to which you were created for. The purpose is so crucial that He (God) had to risk sending you from heaven to earth. He also made you perfectly to fulfil the plans He had in mind for you. He is so confident in you because manufacturers do not send products that they are not confident in to the market. That will tarnish their image and their brand. You are God's brand.

You were born for a specific purpose that only you alone can fulfil. You are on a mission that only you can accomplish. You were not born to go to school, get a job, pay bills, marry, have kids, own a car and house then die. NO! Instilled in you are talents, capabilities and infinite possibilities. You have passions which serve as landmarks and sign posts to lead you to your destiny and purpose. 

Do not ignore them. Do not let them die. Ignite your passions/talents, however odd you feel they may be. Unleash your potentials. Do not be confined to your family background, society and education. What you have in you exceeds all of those. Your Creator puts treasures in earthen vessels. Find the treasures!!

 If you don’t know your purpose in life, you’ll make many wrong choices and take detours. You’d also make manyunnecessary mistakes and waste your time.
I always tell people that they need a manual to operate a new gadget they have never used before. Likewise, you, being one of a kind, need a manual to operate and function to your full potentials. Dear reader, your manual is the Word of God. Dig into it today. You will find your true identity there.

ACTION PLAN: From today, take out time to study a devotional daily or the Bible. Ask God to guide you to make the best choices concerning your destiny and His specific purpose for your life.

I am praying for you


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