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Perfect Imperfections

Walk with me and be thou perfect
Those are the words from Our heavenly father to a man who later became a father of many nations (Abraham). Let me point out that God told him to 'walk with me'..meaning, come and start a journey with me towards perfection. This is deep. Many of us think God is looking for finished products to work with or someone with less flaws but from His words to Abraham, we see that, the road to perfection is walking with Him with our imperfections. We can also infer that Abraham was not a perfect man before he was called by God.

In your journey through life, your skills, ability, communication skills, network will be limited but it shouldn't stop you from walking with God. Even your character, behaviours, attitude and bad habits will scream out loud but, hey, God still wants to walk with you. There's something called 'On the job training'. That is, working at the same time learning how the job is done. Don't let your limitations stop …
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Comparison: The Purpose Killer

I'm taking this topic because it is very very common amongst teenagers. One minute you're minding your business and bubbling, the other minute, you're poking your nose in another's business and feeling depressed. What if I told you that there is no one on earth like you? Do you believe? You might not but believe this, someone else's light does not dim your own. We live in a society where we are quick to judge, quick to condemn, quick to compare, quick quick quick to be envious. Many of us have been victims and then, many of us are the culprits.

Checkout your fingerprints, there is no one in this world who has the same as yours. God is too spontaneous and creative to make two people alike. Therefore, there is no basis or justifiable common ground to compare yourself with another person. Even if you are a twin. Definitely definitely, your talents, gifts, purpose and dreams won't be the same. Reading through my blog, you'd see the whole concept is about PURPO…

The other view of School

Before I start, don't get it twisted, I love education - I really do! I love reading, I love knowing. I use Google and YouTube voraciously.
Learning makes us wiser and smarter. It makes us to know the minds of great men. Education equips me to be in charge of my earnings. But school? School boxes me in, school tries to put me in an unfair competition with my peers. School teaches me the minds of men whose ideas are now getting outdated. School sets an exam to test my memorization skill and not my true ability. School streamlines my creativity. School tries to make me like everyone else. 

Now you may ask, don't you get educated in school? May I define education for you? The term education has been derived from the Latin word 'educere'. The term 'educere' means 'to lead out', 'to draw out' and 'to bring from'; Each and every child has innate powers. The innate powers of the child should be properly cared, given scope to develop. It should be…


You are not an ice cream, not everybody has to like you.    Rejection can be devastating. Rejection from a loved one, family, job or someone you held up in high esteem but hey, one rejection doesn't change the fact that you are amazing. See, when people reject you, don't blame yourself for "falling short or not being good enough" See it as them having a better option and you having an opportunity to be a better person. If you dwell on your rejection, you'll soon be a bitter person to be with.

    When Joseph in the bible was rejected and sold out to Egypt by His brothers whom he loved and brought food for while they worked, he didn't wallow in Egypt or brand himself as unlovable. Instead, he went from being a slave, to a prisoner, to the palace and finally a right hand man to the King of Egypt. Ultimately, his brothers came to beg him for food. So you see, Joseph was busy prospering instead of being bitter. He worked on himself, fixed his eyes on God and grew …

Why on Earth Was I Born?

Being a teenager, there are times the reason of your birth crossed your mind. You could not understand the whole purpose of humanity or what role you had to play in it. Neither did you understand why you were not left wherever you were before you came to planet earth.
   God Almighty created earth, then gave man dominion over every thing he made in it. You were born to have dominion. You were born to dominate over resources, circumstances and situations. You also have a specific purpose to which you were created for. The purpose is so crucial that He (God) had to risk sending you from heaven to earth. He also made you perfectly to fulfil the plans He had in mind for you. He is so confident in you because manufacturers do not send products that they are not confident in to the market. That will tarnish their image and their brand. You are God's brand.
You were born for a specific purpose that only you alone can fulfil. You are on a mission that only you can accomplish. You were not b…

Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal thoughts are from the devil. He knows that once you kill yourself, you are going to meet him in hell. I know that there are lots of pressures around you and voices in your head to end it all but by the power in the Name of Jesus Christ, whom I serve and whose I am, as you read this blog post, those voices are silenced for life! Can I hear a resounding AMEN? AMEN!     Okay, so now, especially in Nigeria, recently we see on the news, people taking their lives due to their circumstances. One that struck me was that of a teenager in one of our universities. She took her life because her boyfriend broke up with her. Such a beautiful young lady but she wrote in her suicidal note that she didn’t see the purpose of her life. 
    See that? PURPOSE! Suicidal thoughts are all stemmed up from a feeling of lack of purpose to one’s life. It might be not having enough money or getting over a heartbreak. The devil uses that opportunity to tell you that lie that your life does not have any wo…

Authentic ways to rid anger

It's not surprising to see a gentle, calm person blaring off in anger on slight provocation. In fact it is often believed that the seemingly calm and quiet people are the ones who do unspeakable things when they are angry.This might not be far from the truth. Growing up, I was always the calm one who didn't have issues with anyone offending me but yet I found myself blaring off at someone who has offended me over a long period of time. The rage of my anger would be so fierce that people would conclude that I have been bottling up offences. After I'd finish venting off, I'd go to my room to wallow in guilt and self pity at my attitude. I'd keep asking myself why I lacked self control at the same time, trying to justify my anger. Afterwards, I'd avoid the person who made me angry as much as possible till I was satisfied at the distance kept.

The truth is that, this is not meant to be normal. This kind of anger leads to sin. Ephesians 4:26-32 says ' angry …